Kindergarten Weeks 9 & 10 ~ Studying Faith Ringgold and Our Story Quilts


3.2 Identify and describe works of art that show people doing things together.

2.4  Paint pictures expressing ideas about family and neighborhood.

Student Objectives:

Students will identify and describe shapes and lines in artworks of people doing things together along with the action in the artworks by Faith Ringgold.

Students will create mixed media story quilts of objects, people and themselves doing things together.


paper, construction paper, pencils, erasers, oil pastels, markers, paint of your choice, glue


Day 1:  

We looked at quilt paintings from artist Faith Ringgold.  We discussed how the pieces of painted paper and cloth combined to make a quilt that told a story.

We will plan and draw our artwork expressing ideas about doing things together in pieces like a quilt that tells a story.

Day 2:

We added to our story by using the everyday object drawings along side the drawings of doing things together.  Students used their choice of  crayons, markers, oil pastels and pencil to finish the story quilts.   We enjoyed an artwalk and talking about what we were doing in our story quilts.  Here are some in progress examples and finished works of art follow:

Story Quilts in progress  4      Story Quilts in progress  9      Story Quilts in progress 1

Story Quilts in progress 2      Story Quilts in progress 5      Story Quilts in progress 6

Story Quilts in progress 8     Story Quilts in progress 3     Story Quilts in progress 7

Story Quilts in progress 10



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