3rd Grade Week 3: Sketchbook Exercise in Shapes

Standard:  2.3 Paint or draw a landscape, seascape, or cityscape that shows the illusion of space.  (continued)

4.1 Compare and contrast selected works of art and describe them, using appropriate vocabulary of art.

I first asked the students to look at the page from last week in their sketchbooks for a review.

We looked at artist Vincent Van Gogh’s reed pen drawing, “The Sower, Sun and Wheat Field” 1888.  We discussed the variety and kinds of line we observed and paid particular attention to the rhythm in the work.  We then re-looked at William Wendt’s artwork, “A Clear Day” painting that we first saw in our art history lessons the prior term.  In our art history lessons, we discussed the California Impressionist movement.  Today, we focused on Wendt’s use of space and how he depicted the landscape using shapes.

Next, in our sketchbooks, I asked students to draw at least three shapes in the next five minutes.  I gave no other instructions and thus, they asked, “Can I draw . . .” to which I would inquire, “Is that a shape?” If yes, then please draw it in your sketchbook.

We discussed the definition of shape and wrote in out sketchbooks the kinds of shapes we know: abstract, amorphous, geometric, organic, natural, positive and negative.

Next, we tore colored construction paper shapes into smaller shapes and into as many kinds and glued them into our sketchbooks.  Here are some wonderful experiments:

Shapes 1      Shapes 2      Shapes 3     Shapes 4

Shapes 5      Shapes 6      Shapes 7     Shapes 8


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  • Cynthia Brewer

    Thank you for doing a website…..How is 3rd grade doing? Amanda is in Mrs Sender’s class, I hope that she is doing well:)

    • pyaranderson

      She is indeed doing well. Thank you for commenting on the site. I finally got some good spam protection installed, so it will easier to respond to real posts from now on. -Cynthia (using my husband’s account on the website.) 🙂


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