3rd Grade Week 2: Experimenting with Line

Standard:  2.3 Paint or draw a landscape, seascape, or cityscape that shows the illusion of space.

We first watched a video from artist and designer, Peter Han called “Pardon My Dust”.   In the video, Peter discusses the importance of experimenting and not being afraid of the empty page.  In particular, he emphasized the importance of working from large shapes to the smaller shapes and lines and details.  I often stress this fact – to not get caught up in the details initially, but rather to work on the large shapes and figure out space and layout first.

In our sketchbooks, we divided our page on line into three sections.  I gave the students very simple instructions to see if they would experiment.  In one box we named as many lines as we could and had a competition for the most number.  Then in another box, the students were asked to experiment and create as many kinds of original lines as possible.  We shared these in front of the class.  It was great fun, and the students especially enjoyed coming up with names for them.   In the third area, we made notes on the video after discussing what we thought was most important regarding experimenting in our sketchbooks.

We started a landscape using a horizon line and an original line from our sketchbook exercise.   We briefly touched on foreground, middleground and background in our works.  We will continue to work on this piece for the next few weeks adding other elements.

Images to come.


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