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I am thrilled to be working at Fairburn Elementary and look forward to working alongside students, parents of students, and colleagues. Your children are among some of my favorite artists! I was born in Augsburg, Germany, raised through middle school in Frederick, Maryland, and attended high school and college in Pensacola, Florida. My love of science and the Gulf of Mexico initially drove me toward a career in biology, but after a semester of teaching after-school supplemental art classes to latchkey students from impoverished schools, I changed paths. The urgency of the need and the heartbreaking nature of the work steeled my resolve to use my skills as an art teacher to help enrich others’ lives. I earned my Master of Fine Arts degree in painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design. While in school, I helped establish a volunteer based Art Education program through the university that trained graduate students to provide supplemental arts education in their respective discipline to youngsters in underserved local schools. I met and married my best friend in graduate school. Together, we worked and lived in Japan for two years. I taught English at eleven different schools with roughly eight-hundred students in kindergarten through ninth grades. Although English was the subject, art played a regular role in engaging the students through different learning styles. We travelled for Christmas vacation to Thailand to teach and volunteer at an orphanage where we helped establish a bicycle workshop for the children. In the wake of the Tohoku earthquake, we hosted walkathons for aid relief and we had a husband and wife fundraiser art show to help send relief to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. We also learned how to plant rice, make tofu and soy sauce, harvested tea, learned Japanese, ate amazing food and made some very dear friends. Following the two years in Japan, we spent nearly six months exploring the U.S. from coast to coast. A few more wonderful experiences include: volunteer teacher in Haiti, arts volunteer with Hospice Savannah, painting instructor at Pensacola Junior College, summer art camp teacher, arts volunteer at Children’s Hospital, organizer of fundraising campaigns, art therapist volunteer assistant with homeless youth and most recently, S.T.A.R. Nova Teacher. In addition, I am a working fine artist and currently training as an ASPCA team member for the Los Angeles Rock n Roll half marathon. I really like calling California home, with my husband and our two rescued dogs, Jack and Davis.